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Our story

​Where did the idea come from??


KAN is the name of our company's president.

KAN is an owner of a restaurant. However, entertaining people at home used to be a chore for him.

But the guest always expected something special from KAN, as if it were a giving.

That's when KAN had an idea.

What if the sauces they used in their restaurant were always in his own refrigerator?

This idea transformed KAN significantly.

Entertaining guests became a pleasure.

Guests praised him for simply drizzling "Kizuna sauces" boiled vegetables.

When he marinated and grilled chicken with "Shio Koji". people wanted to know the recipe.

As a variety of dishes filled the table, the smiles on the faces of the guests were overflowing.

KAN was absolutely delighted.



Complete Japanese seasoning in a bottle.
You can be ​an authentic Japanese chef
in your own home!


Kizuna Sauces Inc.
109-3450 Skaha Lake Road, Penticton

BC V2A6G4 Canada
TEL : +1 (236)-422-2712
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